Monday, 20 February 2017

Hoopers fun and spaniel training!

I borrowed Dino for a Sian Illingworth workshop last week, he was brilliant as it was a new venue with new dogs but he worked really nicely and just got on with it! He still jumps flat in a straight line so that is something we need to work on but loads of time yet :-)  Think he will be much in demand by his flyball team!

I managed to have a play with Dolly for the first time in ages! She was really keen and did super jump and weave work, shame she seems to have forgotten what stopping on a contact is!! We have a show in a couple of weeks time so I'm going to steal her for lesson tomorrow and hope that we can do some dog walks! Matt took this lovely picture of her working :-)

And my super hubby has made me ten Hoopers to practice with! Brooke is off on another Hoopers workshop this weekend, really looking forward to it and her boy Squidge is having a go as well. Its such a new sport here but really will take off I hope. Toad had his first go and loved it! 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My best boy is 10 this week!!

This dog is truly my dog in a million! He melts my heart and is my little shadow, my first 'proper' agility dog who has taken me from Grade 1 up to Grade 7 and on some amazing adventures along the way! He can turn his paw to anything and has won in the show ring, at obedience, rally (when his daft Mum can get it right!) and of course at agility. At the bottom of this post is a video of him having fun this week, still loving his agility going into double figures :-) Love my Mr Toad to bits!! Happy Birthday for Friday handsome boy xx

Bracken is very put out that the weather has got colder again. She is spending lots of time wearing what is known as 'her old lady jumper'! 

Brooke Bean is having a very exciting week! She got to play at Grandma Lians wonderful indoor agility barn (see video below) and then shared a Dan lesson on Tuesday.

She also went to our local ESSC meeting at the weekend with Brodie and loved doing some rally work and balance games. Here is Matthew and Brooke playing wobble cushions!

This munchkin had fun at Lians on Monday and we got to practice our stopped dog walk in a new place. I tried to run the course with a running contact but failed (I'm crap at running on sand!) so then tried the stop. Video below shows the run first and then the stop. Spark was a bit offish and has started her season so is now on her agility holidays for a month. We will keep going with lots of fitness work in the meantime!

All three dogs having fun! Toad ran the whole course and the others just did bits :-) Here are the highlights!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Early shows, contact decisions and Sparkle is 4!

While the girls aren't in season (they are due in the next few weeks) I thought we would get some early shows in. Also it is a perfect opportunity to get Brooke doing some anysize runs on a nice surface. I am so excited about how she is coming along! She has been running for me as she gets a bit bonkers with Matthew and I have done most of her rehab training. Instead Matt has been running Sparkly in some jumping runs to keep his hand in. Its lovely that she runs so well for him as she is a quirky little madam! I can't believe my precious little girly is 4 this week!

Here is a video of Brookes anysize run, I hadn't walked the course so we winged it!!

Spark has been doing some nice work learning a stopped dog walk (she already stops her seesaw) So far she hasn't confused her run and stop command. I haven't tried it in the ring yet but think it will come in very handy. Here is her attempts from last week :-) She still has brake failure occasionally!! 

and this is her practising her running dog walk with various run ups...

We have mostly had miserable weather and rain this week so I have found a couple of nice dry photos instead!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Happy 2017!

Well I have started blogging late this year already, it doesn't bode well! Rather than writing a New Years resolution kinda post which is boring and full of the usual get fit, run faster, eat less chocolate stuff I am going to say that all I aim to do is enjoying spending time with my family and friends and of course the doglets and make those moments count. 

I don't often buy professional photos of my dogs competing but with Brax and Toad getting older it is nice to have them to treasure. And of course Miss Sparkalina!

This is a photo from Brax's last run in UKA Masters, look how cute and happy she is!

And this year we are just grateful Brooke bean is back to being a normal dog again after a year of rehab work. The fact she can do agility is the icing on the cake! 

And of course following the progress of Toad and Beans gorgeous boys who have just turned two!! Where did that time go?! It is very sad to report there won't be any more Braxway babies from Brooke as after a lot of careful thought and talking to our physio recently we can't risk her losing condition again :-( Good news is that she is doing so well we might get her back to jumping KC small again.

Here is Bean trying 'Hoopers' at a workshop, she loved it!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Lake District holiday

Oh my goodness we had such an amazing time away! The scenery was incredible and the we had so many lovely walks. I will just post a load of pictures as they say it all!

Sunrise from our cottage on the first morning

View from Dodd, our cottage is across Bassenthwaite lake and it is the little white cluster of cottages in the centre of the photo

These are all taken at Buttermere which was one of our favourite walks

Have to do the dogs on logs pose!

Whinlatter forest, the colours of the trees were amazing!

Stone circle outside Keswick

Drying off after a soggy walk...the collie is a wimp!

Walk up Knott Head in the snow on our last day!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Lost my dog...gained a new one!

Bargain buy of the year...a bed from Aldi! They all want to get in it and look very smug when its there turn :-) They have even shared the bed which is unheard of in our house...possibly because Spark was bothered by fireworks?

Toad prefers having it to himself though! He saw the physio this week as he wasn't quite right on his turns at sheltie show. Sure enough he had a tight spot on his back which was lasered and manipulated. Probably from falling over in the tunnel bless him. He has to take it easy for a week but hoping I can train him before the UKA Finals at the end of the month!

The doglets have been wearing their poppies for Remembrance Day. Red ones for the human lives that were tragically lost in war and the purple ones for the animals who lost their lives.   

It has been very chilly this week for the first time. Poor Brooke and Spark have both shed their coats post season and are looking very smooth and cold! Brooke in particular looks very naked!

Brooke went to agility lesson today and enjoyed putting together a baby sequence :-) I forgot how quick she can go and didn't move very fast! I am also very wary of her breaking but need to get on with it as she seemed fine! 

So it seems as I'm working Brooke lots it is only fair that Matt gets to have a go with Sparkler. I let him run her at a fun unaffliated show which was all steeplechase runs (no contacts or weaves) and he could reward her in the ring if she wasn't confident. As it turned out he only rewarded one run nfc as she ran very nicely for him! They ended up with two 1sts and a 2nd (she took a pole but the rest was lovely!) So pleased that she ran so well for him :-) 

 Spark also met her half sister Niya. They have the same Dad...look at those gorgeous ears!!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Autumn pics and Shelties

 I love this time of year, the pretty trees and sunsets, we have been lucky that it has stayed so warm and dry! The dogs have been enjoying their walks and playing in the field too. I just wish I was better at catching sunsets on my phone!

I went to visit a friends collie puppies last week. No we aren't having one but it did make me puppy broody! Hoping that we can have another litter from these two lovelies again as their boys are super! No firm plans yet but watch this space :-)

The Kennel Club have FINALLY banned the use of the cloth tunnel here. Brilliant news as I have always hated the stupid thing. This pic is now a rarity!! 

We had Sheltie show this weekend. It was great fun and very noisy!! The shelties had a fab time and it was nice to see everyone again. We had loads of help this year and it seemed to go really smoothly which was a relief! On a personal note Toad was fab and slightly potty but came 3rd in the jumping and won pairs with his bestie Rommy :-D His boy Squidge did great too winning two classes! Little Brax had a run too but decided the tunnels were too slippy for her little paws bless her. Toad unfortunately was too tired to pose for his sofa pic!